Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday Thoughts - Sports Edition!

If there ever was a weekend full of exciting sports events, this is the one!!  The Mayweather-Pacquiao fight is certainly the highlight though the Derby just trails by a nose (pun intended).  And, of course, we can't forget about the NFL Draft kicking it all off in Chicago tonight. 

With the Draft being in Chicago this year, I am quite excited to see how everything plays out in a new venue.  I think it will be really neat.  To be honest, I never really follow the draft very closely.  I'm not a big college football fan so I usually don't know much about the players.  Unless they manage to get in trouble often or have character issues that garner a lot of press, I probably don't know their name.  It doesn't mean I value the draft any less though.  I think it is an amazing time of hope and promise for all teams...and I really love that!  I always tear up in the first round every year when I see those guys fulfilling their dream of being drafted.  It's a powerful thing!  My Bengals pick at number 21 this year so I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing who they select tonight!  

As a Kentuckian, the Derby ranks HIGH on my list of must watch events each year.  Not only do I absolutely LOVE the playing of My Old Kentucky Home just before the horses burst through the starting gates, but also I just really like horse racing!

I tend to pick my favorites based on the following factors in this order:

1) name of the horse 
2) jockey 
3) odds 
4) trainer

My two favorite jockeys at our wedding reception last October!

I'm not saying I win often, but I have a darn good time being at the track!  We'll be watching at home this year, but eventually we'll make it to the grandstands in Louisville on Derby Day.  For now, I'll just relive the memories of our time spent in the winner's circle this past October at our wedding reception.

As far as my picks, I am liking #2 Carpe Diem to take it all.  He doesn't have great position, but his odds look good...and his jockey and trainer are a plus.  He's not the favorite (#18 American Pharoah), but I'll stick with him. I do really like #14 Keen Ice as a long shot to win though.  And #10 Firing Line caught my eye as well.  Looking forward to seeing who claims the roses this year!!

Last, but most certainly not least, we have THE fight.  Of the year.  Of the decade.  Of the century.  Possibly, of all time.  Yeah.  It's gonna be wild.  And I don't even like boxing.  Chris and I have been watching all the coverage this past week or so leading up to the big fight.  We've watched documentaries, seen glimpses into their training routines, heard what the legends have to say, and even tuned in for the press conference.  We absolutely can't wait to see what happens Saturday night as these two boxing greats FINALLY face off in the ring.  I am firmly placing myself in the corner of Pacquiao.  Without. A. Doubt.  Not only does Manny seem like the better overall person, but he's also the underdog.  And it's refreshing to see that he loves God and doesn't seem to take himself so seriously all the time.  I genuinely like this guy.  I just hope neither of them end up a total bloody mess before it's all said and done. 

Are you watching any first round Draft coverage tonight?
Who's your horse for the Derby?
Are you in the Mayweather or Pacquiao camp?

Andrea :)

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  1. I'm with you on the draft. I typically don't follow any players until they actually do something outstanding in the NFL.

    I love watching the Derby! I grew up riding horses, so this was always a must watch for me. Although the past few years I've had some schedule conflicts and haven't been able to see it. Also, I've fallen out of the equestrian world a bit, so I typically don't know much about the horses either. But it's still fun to watch!