Sunday, April 5, 2015

Health & Fitness in March

Happy Easter!!!  
Hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating the resurrection of our Lord!!

Picking up where I left off in February, here goes my health and fitness breakdown for March.  Overall, I made some progress, but still have a long way to go!  Determined to get there though!

March 1-8
Sun - did not run as intended (snowstorm delayed us getting back from Albany)
Mon - Bootcamp
Tues - 4 mile run (limited walking)
Wed - OFF
Thurs - 4 mile run (best I've felt so far in this journey)
Fri - OFF
Sat/Sun - did not run as intended (delayed flight back from Pitt)
Healthy Meals: worked on smaller portions particularly at dinner

Taken from Manhattan's east side after running across Queensboro Bridge...

March 9-15
Mon - Bootcamp
Tues - 4 mile run (a small amount of walking)
Wed - OFF
Thurs - 2 mile run, 4 mile elliptical, 6 mile bike (needed a break from running on the treadmill...this crazy March weather has been killing me!!)
Fri - OFF
Sat/Sun - 8 mile run (outside...finally!!!)
Healthy Meals: salad for lunch three times this week

March 16-22
Mon - Bootcamp
Tues - 3.5 mile run (back on the treadmill)
Wed - OFF
Thurs - 6 mile run
Fri - OFF
Sat/Sun - Gone to Dallas for Tarra and Evan's wedding
Healthy Meals: salad for lunch three times this week plus healthy (veggies, nuts) snacks

Taken on my run in Central Park...

March 23-31
Mon - Bootcamp was cancelled :(
Tues - 4 mile run OUTSIDE!!
Wed - OFF
Thurs - 2 mile walk and 8 mile bike
Fri - OFF
Sat/Sun - 12 mile run (including some Central Park)
Mon/Tues - out of town for work
Healthy Meals: conscious effort to portion out both lunch and dinner

Here's to an exciting April...including my half marathon mid-month!!

Andrea :)

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  1. Good job getting back to it! I'm wicked impressed by your 12 mile run!