Monday, April 27, 2015

More Half Marathon

I signed up for this half marathon to give myself a running goal through early spring.  I knew it would be a major challenge for me.  First, I hadn't been running regularly for a few months.  And second, the course was set to be two loops in hilly Central Park.

I did fairly well sticking to my training plan and managed a long run of one and half loops in Central Park once.  I felt ok about the race, but not really as prepared as I would have liked.  I was excited that the race was a woman's only event.  It's always SO much fun to be out there with so many other women from all walks of life.

I started out pretty strong and a bit quick, but I leveled out around mile two and decided to just take the miles as they came.  At each mile marker, I would add 12 (and later 13) and try to do my best to see that new number at the next marker.  It was the absolute most perfect running weather.  And I managed to be consistent with the 12ish minute miles throughout the first loop.  It was particularly inspiring when the course leader passed to cheers and encouragement from our section somewhere around mile 3.  What phenomenal talent!

I saw Chris just before mile 6.  He handed off my chews, and I let him know that this second half of the race was going to be tough.  I was already dreading the second coming of the hills I'd just passed.  It was tough, but I hung in there with my +12/13 strategy.  I was tempted to veer toward the finish when it came time to push toward that second loop, but I trudged on.

Official Finish Time - 2:54:03

In the second half of the race, I did a little bit of walking...particularly on the hills, but I stayed close to my target pace.  I saw Chris again about a couple miles before the finish.  I was exhausted, but his encouragement helped push me.  I was surprisingly pleased at the end of the race even though I recorded my slowest half marathon time to date.  After all, two loops in Central Park is no joke.

Andrea :)

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