Thursday, April 2, 2015

#MarriedMaitlands: Bachelorette Shower

As the months of wedding planning ticked by, I became more and more excited about our Bachelor/Bachelorette weekend.  We decided to plan our events for the same August weekend which worked out perfectly.  Chris and his crew had fun in his old stomping grounds of Albany...complete with a trip to the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame while my best gal pals all arrived in New York City for a weekend full of fun celebrations!

Everyone was set to arrive in time for an afternoon bachelorette shower for me on that Saturday.  I took it easy getting ready that morning and arrived just after 2pm when things were set to kick off.  I couldn't have been more excited to see all these lovely ladies!

One of my local bridesmaids, Amanda, did a marvelous job of getting everything organized with all the out of town ladies!  And I was SO surprised and excited about the cupcake decorating!!  How truly perfect, right?

After lots of hugs and chatting, the shower began with a fun game.  I had friends that flew in from a couple different cities, some that live in NYC, and others that came down from Albany.  Needless to say, there were lots of new least for everyone except me!  The game - 3 truths and a lie regarding how each person knows me - was super fun!  

Next, I was on the hot seat as Amanda asked me some questions she had previously asked Chris.  It was my job to give the correct answers to the questions all while discovering how well we do in fact know one another.   Even though I was nervous we wouldn't match every time I answered, I really enjoyed the game!  In the end, I got 16 out of 22 right.  I'd say that is pretty good!  Especially since a few of those might have just been missed on technicalities ;)

Here is a sample of some of the questions she asked:
Where was your first kiss?
What gift have you given Andrea that you think surprised her the most?
How many half marathons has Andrea run?
If you could describe Andrea in one word - what would it be?
What is the last book Andrea read?
Do you and Andrea have a "song"?

To wrap up the shower, I opened the awesome and creative gifts.  I had decided (with the help of my wise friend, Mary) that it would be really fun to go with a Date Night theme for the gifts.  We'd already received many of our registry gifts at our engagement party, and honestly, it's a bit weird to have people picking out lingerie for me at this point in my life.  Thankfully, Mary suggested the awesome idea of a date night theme!  It was a huge hit!  We received SO many creative gifts.  We've had a chance to use a handful of them already, but we are trying to spread them out over this first year!  I'll continue to update the below list as we use more of these neat date night gifts! 

NYC cupcake crawl

Two in the Kitchen cookbook

Sarabeth's Brunch

Guggenheim passes

Whole Foods Gift Card for picnic in the Park

Date Night Ingredients (timer, measuring cup, cupcake mix, frosting, and board game with the most creative and fun post-it notes explaining the purpose of each item)

Thanks to Amanda for all her hard work organizing everything!

I couldn't have been a happier bride-to-be and the bachelorette weekend has just begun......

Andrea :)

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