Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 Goals - 6 Month Check-Up

1 - Read through the Bible!

This one is in progress.  Full force!  I started in Genesis just after Memorial Day.  I am not quite through the law section that accounts for the first few books, but I am on an aggressive 90 day plan.  My hope is to have this one completed by Labor Day.  I am trying to read a little in the morning, during my lunch break at work, and then a bit more in the evening.  So far, so good!

2 - Focus on my health and nutrition.  

I have been doing remarkably well on this one.  I have certainly made this a major focus and it is starting to show.  I ran my fastest ever 10k last month.  I feel better generally.  And I'm not giving up!

 3 - Enjoy life as newlyweds.

We are certainly succeeding on this one!  A long weekend trip is just around the corner for us and we are staring to nail down plans for our anniversary trip to California this fall.  We've started watching some Netflix series that we had been wanting to see for quite some time.  And cooking at home together a lot!  I can't believe we are already over two-thirds of the way through our first married year...time is flying!  If you are interested in checking out more of our newlywed adventures, look no further - Month One, Month Two, Month Three, Month Four, Month Five, Month Six, Month Seven, and Month Eight.

4 - Do more things for me.

I am still reading like crazy...and loving it!  I even started a real life book club earlier this year! And I continue to narrow down the options for improv classes...but it's looking like that might not happen until the fall with all our travel plans this summer.  I am also working on mentally preparing for the NYC Marathon again.  It will certainly be a challenge, but I'm going to give it my best shot!  My goal this summer is to finish up some of the lingering scrapbooks on my "to make" list.

5 - Redesign this blog. 

I haven't made any progress here.  I am wrapping up my #MarriedMaitlands wedding posts though and have been considering making the change once those are done in the next couple of months.  Been having some thoughts about changing the name as well.

6 - Find my passion.    

Somehow, I feel like I am getting closer here.  Maybe it's all the reading.  And writing I've been doing here.  Both have really got me thinking.  I'm hopeful this will continue to become more and more apparent each day!

How are your 2015 goals coming along?

Andrea :)

*Find my 3 month check-up here.


  1. Love your halfway check-in! I'm doing more monthly goals to keep me focused, but you are doing great! :) I feel like I'm finally focusing on my health more too and just being more active in general. So glad you guys are loving newlywed life- that first year SERIOUSLY flies!!

  2. Yay, I love reading other people's updates. Sounds like you are making serious progress, lady! :) Congrats.