Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday States: The Dakotas

If you are looking for a stunningly beautiful, historic, and relaxing vacation, I highly suggest checking out the Dakotas.  These two states possess miles and miles of gorgeous scenery with more than a few unique tourist traps that are definitely worth a stop!

South Dakota

State Nickname: Mount Rushmore State

Year of Family Trip: 2003

Cities Visted: Mitchell, Rapid City (Mt. Rushmore), Deadwood, Wall

Can't Miss Tourist Attractions: 

Mount Rushmore

Crazy Horse

I don't think Crazy Horse has changed much in the 12 years since we last laid eyes upon it.  Hope McKinley still knows where he stored away his chunk of rock from the site!

The Corn Palace

I've never seen more fascinating arrangements of corn in my life.  I also never quite figured out why The Corn Palace was located in Mitchell, South Dakota, instead of somewhere in the middle of Nebraska, but we enjoyed it regardless.

Wall Drug

Wall Drug...such a bizarre, yet worthwhile stop.  Lots going on here!  And free to look around, too!


North Dakota

State Nickname: The Peace Garden State

Year of Family Trip: 2003

Cities Visited: Fargo, Bismarck

Our stop: Capitol Building in Bismarck

There in Spirit

We didn't spend too much time in North Dakota, but made sure to visit the State Capitol Building in Bismarck.  North Dakota was the only state of the 48 contiguous that my Mamaw didn't visit.  My dad tried to talk her into on their trip to Mount Rushmore, but she didn't want to go the extra few hundred miles it would require.  She passed away the year before our family made the trip, but we managed to take her photo in Bismarck.

While in Bismarck, we stopped for food at Space Aliens.  It seemed like this restaurant belonged somewhere in New Mexico rather than the middle of North Dakota, but we sure enjoyed the experience.

Have you spent any time in the Dakotas?

Andrea :)

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  1. I spent a few hours in Fargo once during a business trip to Moorhead (MN side of the city), but that's about it. We're planning on driving to Seattle next summer, and making a stop at Mt. Rushmore along the way. I can't wait to visit!