Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dear Dad...

If there is one thing that I've always been, it's a daddy's girl.  For whatever reason, God cut us from the exact same mold.  Well, *almost* the exact same mold.

We like to be the life of the party, but all too often just keep quiet and make the people around us laugh.  You might as well call us Murphy because if it can go wrong, it will.  Guaranteed.  We're passive-aggressive, when necessary.  We love quality movies...and theater.  We know that we can't be perfect, but it certainly doesn't stop us from trying.  If there's a cavity to be found, we have the golden ticket.  It's no wonder that we're so close, we're nearly identical.

All kidding aside, I've learned so many lessons being my dad's sidekick all these years.  He has taught me the power of humor.  Laughter truly is the best medicine in so many instances.  And we both love to laugh and make others laugh...even at our own expense.  I've learned the importance of having a plan.  Making a list.  Checking it twice!  Even if things don't go according to plan, it's good to have the ability to create one.  Structure is your friend, but there's always a way to work in an adventure along the way.  I don't try it out often enough, but I'm bound to have inherited the storytelling ability.  Mamaw told some pretty impressive ones.  Dad has followed suit.  I'm hopeful I carry that trait more than anything.  After all, if you can't tell your story well, who will?

Thanks for being such a wonderful dad!  I wouldn't trade you for the world!  I love you!

Andrea :)

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