Monday, June 8, 2015

Art in the Park!

Summer is the best time of the year!  There are so many things to do and places to go...and when you live in New York City, many of them are FREE!  You can't beat that...especially after spending six months of winter indoors complaining about the bitter cold temps.

Chris and I ventured out for a daytime date to kick off summer on a recent Saturday afternoon.  I saw  an advertisement for Jeppe Hein's Please Touch The Art exhibit in Brooklyn Bridge Park so we headed there to see all the creative pieces.  The bulk of the exhibit revolved around 16 uniquely shaped and structured Modified Social Benches.  Many of these were occupied by little kiddos or groups of people just lounging throughout the park.

We started collecting benches just north of the Brooklyn Bridge where we also came upon a very crafty glass house.  Definitely couldn't pass up the photo opportunity on such a gorgeous sunny day!

Continuing along the waterline, we had a blast using our map to track down each of the various bench locations.  We even managed to capture a few fun pics on a handful of them. Early on in our search, we also discovered Hein's Appearing Rooms creation.  Both children and adults were having SO much fun jumping in and out of the rooms between streams of water shooting up in the air.

My favorite bench was perfectly situated to appear as a smiley face with the landscape of downtown Manhattan beautifully displayed in the backdrop.  Adorable, right? 

Finally, we stumbled upon the most exciting piece of the exhibit - Mirror Labyrinth NY.  Spectacular! We loved this piece.  So clever!  It was lots of fun trying to get lost in all the mirrors...and quite tricky when trying to get a photo.  We could have spent much longer here both trying to wrap our minds around it as well as people watching as others experienced it for the first time. 

Alas, we had more benches to discover so we pressed on.  There were a couple more to be found before we finally completed our project!  Such a fun date on a beautiful summer day!

What are your favorite summer dates?

Andrea :)


  1. That is so cool. I wish there were more interesting things to see in my town. And that glass house was so beautiful! :)

    My favorite summer dates are outdoor concerts! Hopefully Charlie and I get to go to one this summer. :)

  2. How fun! And unique! I love discovering things like this- all the benches are so cool but I'm especially LOVING that glass house!