Sunday, June 28, 2015

Our Honeymoon: Day at Sea

After a rocky night at sea, there wasn't much news in the morning about our status.  We knew there was a major Mediterranean storm brewing, but no official announcements were made.  Given the unsure status of the day, we just kind of lounged around after we grabbed breakfast.  Finally, we were given some news - due to the storm, we wouldn't be able to dock in Agostoli, Greece, as originally planned.  We were bummed.  Happy they were more concerned about our safety than our adventures, but bummed we'd miss out on the one excursion we had been looking forward to from the moment we booked the cruise.  And then, more news - instead, we will spend the day at sea today and stop in Dubrovnik, Croatia, tomorrow.   And the excitement for adventure returns!

The cruise staff quickly got to work putting together a list of activities for passengers.  We were happy to spend the day playing bingo and trying our hand at an ABBA trivia competition.  Let's just say we were much more successful the previous day.  Although, we did manage to win a t-shirt.

Overall, it was a pretty lazy day, but exactly what we needed to allow us some time to recover and prepare for the final leg of our honeymoon adventure!

Andrea :)

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