Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday States: Arizona & New Mexico


State Nickname: The Grand Canyon State

Year of Family Trip: 2000

City Visited: Flagstaff

Can't Miss Tourist Attractions: Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest

A Grand Adventure

Mom was the only one out of the bunch that had seen the majesty of the Grand Canyon before we visited there together as a family.  She made sure to get ahead of us as we approached so that she could see our expressions when we finally saw it for the first time in all its glory.  It's hard to imagine what the early settlers must have thought when they came upon it back in the day!  It was certainly two things - massive and beautiful!!

We also spent some time checking out the Petrified Forest.

New Mexico

State Nickname: The Land of Enchantment

Year of Family Trip: 2000

City Visited: Albuquerque

Our Stop: a restaurant for some grub

Photo via google images since we couldn't locate any from our trip!

Unfortunately, we were able to locate any photos from our brief time in New Mexico, but we did stop to eat at a restaurant in Albuquerque as we drove through.

Have you ever spent time at the Grand Canyon?

Andrea :)

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  1. The Grand Canyon is definitely on our list! I'm thinking 2017. It looks just amazing. Plus, I want to check out Flagstaff as I have been campaigning to move there and get rid of these horrible MN winters!