Friday, June 26, 2015

Our Honeymoon: Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos was our quintessential Greek stop.  And we loved every moment of it!  Upon first glance of the city as our ship approached, I knew it was going to be a great day.  The sun was shining bright and the white-washed landscape was stunningly beautiful!

We signed up for an excursion of Ancient Delos and were whisked away on a much smaller boat immediately upon arrival.  This excursion was hands down our favorite of the entire trip.  It was SO cool to see all the ancient ruins and hear the stories about everyday life back then.  The temperature was the highest of our entire trip and with minimal cover throughout our tour we really felt it!

Delos, serving as a trade center, was one of the most sacred places in Ancient Greece...claiming to have been the birthplace of Apollos.  The island is quite small is size.  In fact, we covered most of it via foot during our roughly three hour tour.  I kept waiting and waiting to see the famous Terrace of the Lions and the Sacred Lake they watch over, but it turned out to be the last stop on our tour.  And, come to find out, those lions are replicas!  The horror!  Fortunately, they had the originals stowed away in the archeological museum that we briefly visited before departing.  Truly a fascinating adventure back to the early days of civilization!

Back in Mykonos, we chowed down on some Greek cuisine.  Delicious!!  And then, we explored the area.  We walked through their Little Italy section of town to get to my favorite site of the entire trip - the windmills!  I spotted these from the boat and adored them at first sight.

Eventually, we made our way back to the ship.  And just in time for Chris to win football trivia.  No big deal, right?  Nope.  Wrong.  It WAS a big deal since he was the only American in the competition.  The shock on the faces of the Englishmen and Irishmen when an American outwitted them at football (you know, the kind you actually play with your foot...aka soccer!) trivia was priceless.  I was SO proud of him for winning us shiny medals!!

The rest of the night we played some bingo, checked out the cruise's version of Dancing with the Stars, and even spent a little time in the casino.  Mostly, we were intrigued by all the rumors.  There were several stories being circulated about the weather and its effect on our plans for the next day.  We heard one thing from the wait staff at dinner, another from a couple whose grandson had been to see the doctor in the infirmary, and a totally different tale from our Captain over the intercom system.  I felt like I was in a real life scene from the Titanic.  Except, well, maybe that isn't the best analogy, but the point is rumors were running rampant about what the day ahead would hold...

Andrea :)

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