Monday, November 9, 2015

A Fairy Tale Wedding in Texas

Our last wedding of the year took place in the great state of Texas on a late October weekend.  It was a true fairy tale wedding complete with a castle on the cake and a Beauty and the Beast choreographed first dance!

We were just happy to make it into town given the flooding and general weather craziness that delayed our arrival by several hours.  We spent the morning of the wedding catching up on the sleep we missed in the process, but were so excited to discover all the goodies in our welcome bag!  I loved the Texas theme - so fun!

The wedding took place in a lovely chapel in a downtown church.  I loved the intimate setting and the gorgeous stained glass window serving as a backdrop!  It was the perfect place for the start of their fairy tale day!

The reception was held in a ballroom at the Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas.  We had fun chatting with friends - both old and new - throughout the cocktail hour.  Dan Rather kindly posed for photos with many guests...and when Chris expressed interest in taking a photo with him I certainly wasn't going to refuse.

As the night continued, we saw an adorable video slide show before enjoying a delicious meal.  We were entertained by a fun and exciting father-daughter first dance - remix style.  Spent some time in the photo booth attempting to capture exactly the right shot.  And were treated to slices of both vanilla and chocolate cake - double yum!!  

It was a great night of fun with wonderful friends!  I can't believe all of the "old girlfriends" bunch are now members of the "new wives" society!  May the fun continue for years to come...

Andrea :)


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL wedding! The bride's dress is absolutely stunning! :)

  2. I love that welcome bag, what a fun season of life to share with friends.

  3. Just found your blog and love it!! Your so pretty <3

  4. Dan Rather! Awesome! That cake is amazing.