Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday States: Washington, DC

Washington, DC

State Nickname: Our Nation's Capitol
Not technically a state, but there is SO much to do in DC - I couldn't leave it out!

Year of Family Trip: 1999

City Visited: Washington, DC

Can't Miss Tourist Attractions:
White House, Capitol Building, National Zoo, All the Memorials and Museums

Our family trip to Washington DC came about when Jordan's 8th grade class took a Spring Break field trip there.  Since Dad works in the school system it was easy for us to tag along on the trip.  Not too sure Jordan was super thrilled about it, but I suppose that is the life of a middle child!

We saw pandas at the National Zoo, enjoyed the rotunda view inside the Capitol Building, and captured some photos outside the gates of the White House.  I was amazed by the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian.  We all enjoyed checking out the Memorials for all the popular Presidents.  Lincoln was a favorite since he grew up in the Bluegrass State! And Ricker took a particular liking to Eleanor Roosevelt. Below, you can see Jordan and McKinley lounging on the FDR Memorial while I collect rubbings of various soldier's names at the Vietnam Memorial.

It was a really nice time of year to visit.  Unfortunately, beavers had been on the prowl destroying many of the cherry blossom trees along the basin in the Mall area.  I was bummed we didn't get to see those in full bloom.  Our week was full between checking out all the museums - particularly touching was the Holocaust Museum - and visiting various places like the Supreme Court and National Archives.  It served as both an educational and enjoyable trip for all of us!

Have you ever been to Washington DC?

Andrea :)

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