Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Stadium Review - Chargers

San Diego Chargers

Name of Stadium: Qualcomm Stadium
Capacity: 70,561
Game Attended: versus Lions in September 2015 with Chris
Worked a game at this stadium? No.

We had been warned by others that the Qualcomm experience leaves much to be desired, but we were optimistic going into the day.  We decided to take public transportation via train to avoid parking issues.  Unfortunately, the train was running about 30 minutes behind schedule so we missed a good chunk of the first quarter by the time we finally arrived at the stadium.

Our tickets were in the upper deck just a few rows shy of the top of the stadium.  The photo above was taken from the top row so the entire field could be seen.  Please notice how small the only screen in the stadium appears.  It fits right in with all the banners - barely noticeable at all.  However, our overall view wasn't terrible even though about 15 yards of the left side of the endzone on our end couldn't be seen when sitting in our seats.  We had to stand if there was any action going on in that area.  I'd definitely recommend getting tickets along the sidelines for the best view.

As it turned out, I didn't mind sitting with a wall barrier blocking my view because it was blazing hot and that wall provided me the tiniest bit of much needed shade.  And that was really my central focus at the time!  We weren't prepared for it to be such a scorcher!

To be completely honest, this stadium was by far the worst I have visited.  The building is old and the technology in the stadium needs to be updated without a doubt.  They weren't even using flat screens in the concourse area.  And just to preview a bit, it wasn't the only stadium on our California tour using such old school technology.  I really couldn't comprehend it! 

Between the heat and lack of being able to see the only "big" screen in the stadium, I didn't have a very enjoyable experience.  The best part was when I watched the game during the 3rd quarter from the shaded concourse on one of those old school TVs.  Well...and the end, of course.  That is always my favorite part!

Taking the train after the game proved to be an adventure in itself - check out that line!!  Fortunately, we were going in the opposite direction of most of the crowd, but we still had a packed train!  In the end, I'm glad we checked this one off the list...but I certainly won't be making plans for a return visit anytime soon!

Andrea :)

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