Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday States: Rhode Island & Connecticut

Rhode Island

State Nickname: The Ocean State

Year of Family Trip: 2002

City Visited: Providence

Can't Miss Tourist Attraction: Capitol Building

We passed through Rhode Island quickly, but not before stopping to check out the capitol building right in the heart of Providence.  We didn't know of much else to do in this small state so we drove around in search of our souvenir spoon before going on our merry way.


State Nickname: The Constitution State

Year of Family Trip: 2002

City Visited: Not Sure

Can't Miss Tourist Attraction:
We missed them all, but we did drive through!

We did even less in Connecticut.  Unfortunately, we can't seem to think of anything specific that we did there. We likely stopped at some restaurant for a bite to eat as we continued our search for those elusive souvenirs.

What should we do next time we visit Rhode Island or Connecticut?

Andrea :)

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  1. Interesting - I do not think of the ocean when I think of Rhode Island. Never been to either!