Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday States: New Hampshire & Maine

New Hampshire

State Nickname: The Granite State

Year of Family Trip: 2002

City Visited: Concord

Can't Miss Tourist Attraction: Capitol Building

We quickly made our way through New Hampshire, but not before stopping to check out the Capitol Building in Concord.  We didn't manage to do much else in this state before moving on toward Maine.


State Nickname: The Pine Tree State

Year of Family Trip: 2002

Cities Visited: Augusta, Livermore Falls, Kennebunkport

Can't Miss Tourist Attractions:
Capitol Building, Wedding Cake House, Beach in Kennebunkport

Maine offered an interesting array of things to do.  We spent some time checking out all the fancy houses in the beach area of Kennebunkport.  McKinley posed with the sign since he's been referred to by the nickname Kenny Buck a few times over the years.  We also managed to find the Wedding Cake House that mom and I were so excited to see.  And since few states were complete without a trip to the Capitol Building, we stopped by Augusta for a brief visit.  Our adventure in Maine concluded with a trip to Livermore Falls.  The red van seen from the rear on the right side of the collage below is the one we drove all over the 48 contiguous states. Lots of laughs and memories were made as a family of five traveling all over the country in that red van...and it's highly possible it saw its fair share of bickering and snoring, too!

Have you ever spent time in New Hampshire or Maine?

Andrea :)

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