Friday, February 6, 2015

Five on Friday

I am so happy it's Friday!!  I've had a long week of re-adjusting to the cold and Eastern time.  It was a totally different two weeks out in Arizona, but I am glad to be back in my own bed after all those days away! 


Upon returning home from my trip, I was welcomed with a fabulous swap package from Becca at How I Roll.  We were paired up as a part of the Chase Your Dreams swap that Mia from The Chronicles of Chaos hosted.  We had a great time emailing back and forth to learn more about our goals for the year.  Mine (posted here) include focusing on my health and finally reading through the Bible.  Becca got me some great stuff to get started on those goals!!  I love the book and journal - so handy for studying the Bible and taking notes.  The water bottle and headband are just perfect, too!!


Chris and I plan to finishing up watching the Best Picture nominees this weekend.  We still need to see The Imitation Game and Whiplash.  I have been reviewing the other nominees the past couple of weeks and will continue the next couple leading up to my Oscar predictions just before the big show!


I started my training plan for the half marathon I signed up for in April.  It has been a real struggle this week, but I have begun the journey.  I want to keep track of my progress here so I'm sorting out the best method for that now.  I have until the 15th to decide if I want to register for the NYC Marathon again.  I qualified back in November, but I wanted to see how these first couple of weeks of training went before I fully committed to running another marathon.  It's highly unlikely I'll back out at this point though.


I am SO close to finishing Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  I was supposed to be done in January for my online book club, but I got a little distracted by all the craziness out in AZ those last two weeks of the month.  Anyway, I am almost done...and can't wait to see the movie.  I am hoping for some gorgeous scenes of that part of the country.  I have no desire to hike the trail, but some of the views sound like they are absolutely amazing!


I have a giveaway going on right now for some awesome Super Bowl swag.  Check it out HERE!!  I promise you won't be disappointed with these goodies!

Hope you all have an AMAZING weekend!!

Andrea :)


  1. Love those swap goodies! :) Becca is awesome! And so is your headband! ;)

    Glad you are back and getting adjusted to being home again. I can only imagine the craziness and chaos that went on! :) Hope you and Chris have a wonderful weekend! xo

  2. Hurray!!!!! I am so so so glad you liked all of it! You'll have to let me know how you like the book! And the headband, I srsly almost kept it (because let's face it, we're both awesome) but I will get one too and we can post pics on instagram.
    Good luck training for your marathon! I am planning on doing some 5ks this year myself. Accountability buddies!!!

  3. I loved Wild! I heard that it was only released in select theaters though, so it probably won't make it to mine. Hopefully it comes out on Netflix or Redbox soon!