Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Magic of Books

Books are magic.  And certainly portable.  But more than that, it's guaranteed they will take YOU wherever you'd like to go.  This quote from Stephen King immediately brought to mind a familiar tune for all the 80's babies out there... 

Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high.
Take a look, it's in a book, a Reading Rainbow!
I can go anywhere.
Friends to know,
and ways to grow.
A Reading Rainbow!
I can be anything.
Take a look,
it's in a book.
A Reading Rainbow.

Reading has been a priority from day one for me.  My mom is a (retired) librarian so we were always reading and going to fun programs at the library as kids.  We also had a tradition of going to the book store to pick out a new book for our collection each year on our birthday.  And who didn't love Pizza Hut's BOOK IT! program?  Personal pan pizza for reading...yes, please!!  You get the point, reading was important in our house.  And fortunately, I have always enjoyed it. 

On long road trips, I always had a book in my face.  I still enjoy reading books on trips, but now I go for the handy Kindle/Nook options.  It's not exactly the same, but it sure does save space in my carry-on.  Regardless of the method or where I was actually headed, reading never failed to transport me to a place, or time, or situation that I may never experience in the flesh.  It is truly magic.  And I love it.

Do you believe in the magic of books? 
What is the most magical book you've ever read?

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Andrea :)


  1. Your mom's job used to be my dream job!
    I've also turned to the ebook option now simply because it is a lot more convenient.

  2. I've always loved books since Sweet Valley High days. :P
    What could be more magical than books? Especially if it's about a boy wizard destined to save the magic world from one evil and power hungry wizard? Oh yes, I'm a huge HP fan. :)

  3. Ahhh...Reading Rainbow :)

    I worked in a high school library, and during spring and winter breaks I was allowed to bring my daughters (9 and 12 at the time) to work with me. They had so much fun helping me in-process the books, as well as just browsing around the shelves. I'm glad they got to experience the behind-the-scenes of a library, just like you probably did.

    I so wish I could read while traveling, but I get motion sickness SO EASILY that I pretty much have to just stare out of the window the whole time. Haha. That's when audiobooks come in real handy!

    For me, the most magical books are of the historical fiction genre. I like to be taken back to times that actually existed, especially here in America.

  4. Yay for 80s babies! I totally burst into song just now. hehe. I loved Reading Rainbow. And oh my goodness, they still have Book It. I loved it, too, and now my son participates. :) He doesn't really even like pizza that much, he just likes filling out his sheet, haha. :)

    I love that your mom instilled a love of reading and books in you. My dad was the same way. Books have such a special place in my heart! And I'm glad we get to connect in our book clubs and share some of those stories together! :)

    Big hugs, friend.

  5. Uh YES I am an 80s child, reading rainbow was the shizzle! I'm so glad your mom instilled a love of reading in you, a true blessing.

  6. I am a fellow bibliophile! It's actually pretty funny, but because I was a stubborn child and believed that I would never need to use "reading" as a child, my Dad started paying me to read chapter books. That quickly became a losing venture on his part. After the first couple of books, I was hooked for life! Also, I loved Book It!

  7. I loved Reading Rainbow! you totally took me back to elementary school and that made me think of Book Fairs. Just flipping through the thin pages of the book magazine. loved it!