Monday, February 23, 2015

NBA House

After all the fun we had at NFL Experience a few weeks ago, we couldn't pass up a chance to see what the NBA had to offer over All-Star weekend in NYC.  We bought $20 tickets for a three hour time frame on last Sunday.

Our first stop was Sprite's Quench Your Thirst station.  They were hosting a Battle of the Burroughs recording studio.  We took a picture with the Queens backdrop before Chris totally killed it on the mic.  Check out his rap HERE.

Next, we headed over to the more interactive area.  Chris tried his hand at some trivia.  We watched a shootout.  And I managed to find my way into a line for Horace Grant autographs.  Remember him from the Bulls??  Loved those goggles back in the day!


We discovered just exactly how small my hands are after all.  Ha!  And just generally walked around and checked things out.  It was fun, but not near as involved or expansive as the NFL Experience.  Still a fun few hours for sure though!

Did you watch any of the All-Star events last weekend??

Andrea :)

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