Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX - The NFL Experience

Ever wonder how a Wilson football is made?  Curious to see what it feels like to make the call as a referee?  Or just simply love Skittles??   Yes to one...or all??  I certainly have the right place for you - it's NFL Experience!!

This was my first year getting the full NFL Experience...and all I can say is WOW!  It is an extremely impressive layout of the some of the jewels of the NFL (literally...they bring the Super Bowl rings and trophy!) as well as some of the most exciting interactive elements of the game.  I had a blast...and I wasn't even able to stay and play all day. 

Mom and Dad gave passing and kicking a try.  I didn't have on appropriate shoes for kicking, but I did manage to give passing a shot.  I wasn't terrible.

The second photo captures the Art McNally Game Center in our NY office.  I work here on Sundays throughout the season.  You can only imagine how crazy it can get when it's full of people with different games going on every monitor.  I really enjoy this aspect of my job.  Never a dull moment in this room!

Skittles was my favorite interactive area at the event.  SO fun.  And you certainly didn't leave empty handed.  They were passing out bags of Skittles in there like they were going out of style!!

This is how each football begins...

They are then sown almost all the away together...

Pounded with a hammer to firm up the seams...

A "bladder" is inserted and the ball is filled with just enough air to keep it pliable...

It is laced in the next to last step...THIS was amazing to watch!

And finally, pumped full of air!

Who knew making a football involved so many steps and people?  It was incredible to watch this process.  All of the staff at this station actually work at the factory in Ada, Ohio, that makes footballs for the NFL year round.  One employee was even telling us that she was on overtime most of the year just to get them done in time for the season to begin.  We stayed at this station for a long time taking it all in.  I was very impressed with each and every step of the process.

What do you think?  Would you enjoy NFL Experience?

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Andrea :)

PS - If the Super Bowl is ever in your home city, I highly suggest checking it out for the day.  They sold $35 tickets...and it was totally worth it from the couple of hours I spent checking things out!


  1. SO awesome!!! I would love love LOVE to get to do this one day :)

  2. Very cool! What exactly do you do to be able to experience all this?

  3. That looks like so much fun!! Skittles sound really good right now too!