Monday, February 9, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX - The City

The Super Bowl truly transforms a city.  It's actually quite phenomenal really.  When I arrived in Phoenix roughly two weeks prior to the Big Game, there were several clues as to the transformation to come, but actually watching it happen...sometimes literally overnight...was amazing.

The airport had plenty of signage and was quite busy even over a week before the big weekend.  I managed to easily find my rental car and head off to downtown Phoenix.  Easy least for now.

My parents came out the first week I was in town while Chris came into town just a couple days before the Super Bowl.  They experienced entirely different versions of downtown Phoenix.  It was neat to watch the transformation take place, but a total pain when trying to get from place to place toward the end.


Mid-week before the big game, NFL House opened to various VIPs...but not before staff had fun there at a soft opening.

And I'd be remiss to forget about the awesome views...and the rotating restaurant at the top of our NFL Headquarter hotel.  I ate there once with each set of guests...double YUM!  They served THE most delicious cornbread with honey butter before the tasty meals arrived to devour. 

I'll share more about NFL Experience and the various aspects of the game soon!  In the meantime, head over HERE to enter my Super Bowl goodie giveaway!!

Andrea :)

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