Friday, February 13, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX: The Media

No matter where you turn in this day and age, you simply can't escape the media.  There is no place that statement rings more true than at the Super Bowl.  It is unbelievable to me that over 5,000 members of the media cover the events of the week leading up to the game.  Pure craziness!

I managed to break away from my desk at the accreditation center on Media Day this year.  The crowd was overwhelming.  I was tasked with finding a couple of my counterparts that were working with the teams.  Not an easy task at all.  It was like Where's Waldo? in there.  Remarkable, but an absolute circus!

I didn't stick around long, but managed to snap a quick photo of Revis since he used to be Chris' fave when he played for the Jets.  Hail to Pitt...right, sweetheart? :)

My next venture into the world of media at Super Bowl was over at Radio Row.  A surprisingly less crazy experience, but equally as interesting.  The room was literally set up in rows with various radio stations or media groups occupying each table.  Various guests...some more famous than others...ventured from table to table being interviewed.  The most famous non-football personality we spotted was Montel Williams.

Surrounding the room there were some larger areas for Sirius, NFL Network, and other more global groups.  That is where we caught Jimmy Graham of the Saints.  And later saw Clay Matthews of the Packers.

Chris loves checking out this area.  He used to have a podcast of his own actually.  Maybe he'll bring it back soon.  I think he'd make a great addition to radio row next year!!

Andrea :)

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