Sunday, March 1, 2015

Health & Fitness in February

Goal #2
Focus on my health and nutrition.  I'm no spring chicken anymore.  Consequently, what I put into my body matters...a lot.  I am determined to work on creating more balanced meals.  And, of course, exercising on a consistent basis.  My plan is to use this blog to keep me in check.  I want to recap each month with my progress in this area.

I skipped January because to be honest I was gone for half the month working Pro Bowl and Super Bowl.  That time never proves conducive to anything else besides working.  I did do a bit of exercising with workout videos prior to my departure in mid-January, but nothing noteworthy.

To begin February, I signed up for a spring half-marathon.  Along with signing up for it, I put together a training plan that would begin February 3 upon my return from Arizona.

I had not run at all since my last NYRR race in November so I knew that getting back into the swing of things was going to be a challenge.  I started off with short distances using a run/walk method.  Overall, I tried to eat smaller portions and began incorporating spinach salads for lunch a couple times a week.  I didn't do a very good job with documenting food choices each week though.  I'll work on improving my record keeping going forward.

February 2-8
Mon - Traveling back from Arizona
Tues - 3 miles (run/walk method)
Wed - OFF
Thurs - 2 miles (run/walk method)
Fri - OFF
Sat - too sore to run (supposed to run 3 miles)
Sun - 4 miles (run/walk method)

The first week was rough!  I was extremely sore.  And I began to seriously hate the treadmill.  I was dreading week two...

February 9-15
Mon - Bootcamp
Tues - 3 miles (run/walk method)
Wed - OFF
Thurs - 1 mile run/walk + bike for 30 min (supposed to run 3 miles)
Fri - OFF
Sat - did not run
Sun - did not run

I was hurting.  Getting back into running...via the treadmill in the dead of winter...was not going so well.  I was beginning to wonder if I had made a huge mistake signing up for the half marathon.  And to rub salt in the wound even more I had to decide whether or not to pay the entry fee for the NYC Marathon by the end of this week.  I was really not wanting to sign up.  I was doubting if I could do it, but after a pep talk from Chris I decided this was mind over matter...and he reminded me that I had already done all the qualifying work last year, too.  I was in.

February 16-22
Mon - Bootcamp was cancelled so OFF
Tues - 3 miles (run/walk method)
Wed - OFF
Thurs - 3 miles (run/walk method)
Fri - OFF
Sat/Sun - 6 miles (run 1 mile, elliptical machine for 40 minutes, run 1.5 miles)

Week three went better.  I made a decision to adjust my running plan to accommodate for the horrid treadmill.  I removed one run from the week - essentially giving me one extra rest day.  I started to feel the difference in the runs, too.  I was gaining momentum and being able to run for longer stretches at a time.  Still taking a few walk breaks, but working hard to maintain the runs even if my pace was a bit slower for those longer runs.

February 23-28
Monday - Bootcamp
Tuesday - 4 miles (very limited walking)
Wednesday - OFF
Thursday - 3 miles (supposed to be 5 miles, but upset stomach got in the way)
Friday - OFF
Saturday - Traveling

The last week of February started off strong.  Bootcamp was a killer, but in the best possible way.  And my Tuesday run felt great!  I ran nearly the entire time.  Unfortunately some stomach issues thwarted my plans on Thursday, but I didn't entirely give up.  I also made a decision to incorporate daily abdominal workouts into my March schedule.  Excited about that as well as the long run I'm planning to bust out today!

Do you use a workout or running schedule?  
Have any tips?

Andrea :)


  1. Yay Andrea! You go girl! And what's this about not being a Spring chicken?!
    Keep it up girl! I'm rooting for ya

  2. Good job getting back into it! A few years ago I lapsed into not running during the winter, and used Couch 2 5K to get back into running, but I think that may take too long for you. Sounds like what you're doing is going well though!

    I map out my week on my desk calendar at work. Once it's on my calendar, then it's a "date" and there's no going back for me! I use 2 of my off days to do yoga and a 15 min strength training routine, and allow for one actual rest day. I feel like it helps to "see" the workouts on my schedule so I can't back out!