Thursday, August 6, 2015

Birthday Fun in the Finger Lakes: A Night at Belhurst Castle

After spending a wonderful day headed north checking out wineries along Seneca Lake, we finally arrived at Belhurst Castle.  My big birthday treat!  After we checked into the Bronze Room and found the wine spigot in the hallway, we decided to go for our free tasting before dinner!

We both selected our favorite and decided to have a glass of it with dinner that night.  The meal at Edgar's inside the castle was delicious!  Every single part of it!  The warm bread they served as an appetizer was amazing...and it just kept getting better.  We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and they were so kind to bring me a slice of cake with a candle in it for dessert!  And even a couple chocolate covered strawberries to go!

Earlier that day, we stopped to get a mini cake for us to share that night so after we had a somewhat lengthy photo shoot of me blowing out candles and posing with my pretty cake, we stuck it back in the fridge and saved it for breakfast!  Yum!

The next morning, we spent some time checking out the grounds and all the fun decor in the lobby area before we hit the road to visit more wineries in the area.

Chris did a great job planning such a fun trip for my birthday!  He really knows how to make a girl feel special!  

Andrea :)


  1. A wine spigot?!? Now that's my kind of hotel! Did it really work?

  2. You guys always find the coolest places to visit and eat. That cake looks so yummy!

  3. That looks like an amazing trip! I just googled Belhurst...I want to go! Happy birthday (i'm turning 32 in a couple weeks myself).

  4. What a fun birthday! Happy (VERY) Belated Birthday!