Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday States: Minnesota & Iowa


State Nickname: The North Star State

Year of Family Trip: 2003

Cities Visited: St. Paul, Minneapolis, Bloomington

Can't Miss Tourist Attraction: Mall of America

While in Minnesota, we made a quick stop at the capitol building in St. Paul before spending the bulk of our day at the Mall of America in Bloomington.  This mall is like none other!  They have all the usual stores alongside a small scale amusement park in the center of everything!  We loved the roller coaster and log flume.  So awesome!  It was also the first time we had ever seen a Rainforest Cafe so we gave that a whirl as well.  We even ordered a chocolate volcano ice cream dessert to share!  It arrived with sparklers aflame making it all the more exciting...and delicious!!


State Nickname: The Hawkeye State

Year of Family Trip: 2003

City Visited: Sioux City

Can't Miss Tourist Attraction: 
You tell us!  Apparently, we missed them all...

Unfortunately, Iowa was a dud for us.  We definitely drove through it, but none of us can recall anything particularly interesting or noteworthy about our experience there.  We *think* we ate in an IHOP somewhere near Sioux City.  And apparently we were only able to find a hotel with smoking rooms available.  That didn't sit too well with our crew.

Have you been to Minnesota or Iowa?
What did we miss?

Andrea :)

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  1. Yay MN! We were just at MOA this weekend, and it is kind of overwhelming! I don't think the Rainforest Cafe is there anymore. There's tons of other stuff to do in the Twin Cities though, so we don't frequent the mall very often when we go down there.

    We do drive through Iowa quite a bit to visit my family in Missouri. I can't say that we've ever stopped anywhere very interesting though. There's some kind of "original settlement" near Iowa City that seems kind of interesting, but we're usually just passing through. I do love all the farm houses though - I always tell my husband that that is where I want to retire!