Monday, August 3, 2015

My Training Plan for 2015 NYC Marathon

The 2015 NYC Marathon is on November 1 this year - just three short months away!  I searched several different online plans and developed something that I hope works for me.  I know from my previous experience running this marathon that ultimately just finishing the race is my number one goal.  Of course, I'd like to improve on my time, but at the end of all this preparation I really just want to have a fun day running through all five boroughs of NYC!

As you can see from my plan, I'll be attempting to run four times a week.  I will probably use Sunday as a rest day especially as the mileage increases throughout September and October.  The other two days, I hope to incorporate cross-training either via 30-minute workout DVDs or bike/elliptical and weights.  It all seems pretty overwhelming at this point, but I am hopeful that once I lock into a routine (and the weather cools a bit) that it will start to feel like a natural progression from week to week.

In the end, I know from my training experience last time that much of this type of distance race can be mental.  Knowing that I have done it before will certainly work on my side.  I also know that if I don't make every single run or if I need to cut some of the long run short that it will be fine.  I want to enjoy this training experience as much as possible so I may need to make tweaks over the next few weeks to adjust and I'm ok with that.  One thing I am hoping to incorporate into my runs (particularly the longer ones) are audio books.  I'm quite curious to see how that goes since I've mostly run with music in the past!

Do you have any marathon training tips for me?

Andrea :)

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  1. I love listening to audiobooks when I run! I haven't listened to one in a while though, as I've been opting for podcasts instead. I need to find a new book to listen to!

    One thing I would recommend is building in cutback weeks into your training. As I have beaten my body up quite badly over the past month or so, I realize how valuable the cutback weeks and the rest can be. Happy training!