Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It Shoulda Been You...

Every year, my friend, Mary, and I go see a broadway show for our birthday!  We both celebrate in the lovely month of July...and I always look forward to this fun time with her!  We've been mostly on a Disney kick the last few years but we've finally seen all those so we selected something a bit outside the box this time.

It Shoulda Been You was much different that either of us were expecting.  We definitely had a few good laughs, but there was almost too much going on in this show.  The general plot follows Jenny, the sister of the bride that feels less than...in every possible way.  Her family is Jewish and the groom's is not.  That alone is enough for a show, but there are even more twists and turns along the way - for better or, perhaps, worse! 

Everyone had such a lovely voice in this show!  I loved that the lead character was a normal (some might say plus-size) woman.  She was phenomenal.  I identified with more than one of her solo song performances, but none more than when she sang Beautiful.  Throughout the song she questions why no one ever acknowledges her as beautiful...instead always saying she looks nice.  The show is definitely worth a watch for her performance alone!  

Andrea :)

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