Monday, August 10, 2015

Date Night: Paint Along

One of the fun date night gifts we received at my bachelorette shower was a session at Paint Along NYC.  We finally put it to use...and had SUCH a blast!

An instructor welcomed us to the group and we got settled into our area feeling a little intimidated by the painting we were going to create.  We started with a plate full of various paints and three brushes.  The instructor walked us through every single step being sure to answer questions and help direct when you were getting a little off track.  At more than one point, neither of us were sure how these painting would turn out!

We had fun trying to follow the directions as closely as possible and just chatting in between.  For two first-time artists, it was challenging at times.  It didn't seem like two hours had passed when we came to the end of the session though.  The time went so quickly as we laughed and painted.  We had a great night and came home with a couple of great pieces of art, too!

Have you ever participated in a Paint Along class?

Andrea :)


  1. Great job, guys! The paintings are beautimous. :) We have places like this near me, but I have never been. I'd love to try it!

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I haven't done one, but my parents have gone a few times. I really want to try it out! My husband is really artistic and creative, but I'm not so our paintings would probably come out very different!