Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday States: Michigan & Wisconsin


State Nickname: The Great Lakes State

Year of Family Trip: 2009

City Visited: Detroit

Can't Miss Tourist Attraction: Motown Museum

We spent some time in Detroit checking out the Motown Museum and driving all over creation trying to figure out EXACTLY where 8 mile was located...I'm not sure we ever totally figured it out!  And we even jumped across the border into Windsor, Canada briefly.


State Nickname: The Badger State

Year of Family Trip: 2003

Cities Visited: Madison, Wisconsin Dells

Can't Miss Tourist Attraction: Farmer's Market at the State Capitol Building 

On our trip through Wisconsin, we spent the bulk of our time in Madison and Wisconsin Dells though we did spend the night in Racine (home of the Belles from A League of Their Own).  We drove by Marquette University and stopped for a photo at McKinley Marina...and *almost* convinced Mom and Dad to detour 100 miles out of the way for a stop in Green Bay.  Since we were unsuccessful on this trip, Jordan and I had to go on our own six years later - read more here!

A Round of Golf with a Side of Cheese Curds

In Wisconsin Dells, we tried a unique lumberjack restaurant where the meals were served on metal plates.  By the time we finished, we were convinced all we needed was an ax and we would fit right in.  We played some competitive mini-golf before heading toward the state's capital - Madison!  There, we roamed around the farmer's market checking out every possible type of cheese imaginable.  We settled on trying cheese curds...surprisingly, much tastier than they sound!

Have you visited Michigan or Wisconsin?
What would you suggest checking out in these two states?

Andrea :)

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  1. I was born in Michigan! Detroit, in fact. We moved when I was 5 though, so most of my memories are from visits. We're actually going back in October, and I'm really looking forward to the trip!

    I've mostly just driven through Wisconsin, but I ran my first half marathon in Ashland, WI. It's at the northern end, but we stayed closer to Bayfield, which is by the little tip that sticks out of the top of the state. Bayfield is a great little town, and known for the Apple Festival in Oct! We just missed that, but still had a great time. Beautiful little city!