Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Five Best NFL Stadiums

Tailgate Tuesday

It's Tuesday Tailgate!! Hooray!!

It is a bucket list dream of mine to attend a home game at every NFL stadium...and I'm real close to completing this goal!!  As you peruse the list below, please keep in mind that I haven't been to any of the west coast stadiums (three in California and one in Seattle) and also have yet to see Kansas City and Denver.  It's possible a couple of these could bump up into the top five, but today I'm sticking with my picks below!


Between the buffalo wings and the awesome tailgating atmosphere, the Ralph Wilson Stadium experience is a keeper!  I was there for a game before the temperature dropped below zero so that also helped.  Being in Buffalo for an early season game is clutch!


Since New Orleans (as a city) ranks in my top three all-time faves, you know the Saints are making this list!  It's hard to beat beignets before a game, right?  Seriously though, the Superdome is rocking!!  The volume level in that stadium is off the charts!  SOOO loud!!  And I loved every minute of it!!


Bank of America Stadium is located right in the heart of downtown Charlotte making the game day experience lots of fun!  We walked there from our hotel and stopped along the way for $1 hot dogs.  Once inside, the seats gleam that beautiful Panthers teal.  Aesthetically, this place is top of the list.  I really felt like I was a part of the game here.  And you can't beat the price of concessions either!


Iconic Lambeau Field had to make the list, right?  This place is the absolute epitome of football.  From the lower level bleachers to the tailgaters surrounding the stadium for miles, it is truly a one of a kind football experience.  My first game here was for Monday Night Football in December.  It truly doesn't get any better than that my friends!


WHO DEY!!  Of course, my Bengals are coming in number one on this list!  In all reality though, Paul Brown Stadium is pretty spectacular!  I love that it sits right on the Ohio river.  I've sat in the endzone with an open view and it really can't be beat!  I've also had my fair share of views in the upper level and enjoyed my experience just as much.  Whether my boys in black and orange are winning or losing, this stadium truly holds its own.

Have you ever been to an NFL game?
Did you have a favorite stadium?

Andrea :)

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  1. I would love to be able to visit all of the NFL stadiums some day! And while I root for the other Ohio team, the Bengals stadium is pretty awesome sitting on the river :)

  2. As i was scrolling I was keeping my fingers crossed that Bengals were the #1 stadium!!! ;) it IS gorgeous!

  3. So awesome that you've been to so many stadiums. I'd love to visit all of them, too- so far I've only seen games in 4 total hehe. I'm glad you listed Buffalo on here because Jared and I were thinking about going to this years Bengals game there, but honestly didn't think too highly of it. But with your glowing review we might just reconsider!! Thanks for linking up :)

  4. Stopping by from Erin's link-up! Holy moly there are a bunch of Bengal girls out there! I might have to check you guys out - I must be missing out on something! Good luck this season!

  5. Never been to one other than a tour of the Superdome in New Orleans in the mid-90's.... but if you want to rank college football stadiums....Navy (at USNA) and Williams-Brice (here at UofSC) are pretty damn amazing. Navy for the tradition, and Williams-Brice for the atmosphere!

  6. Wow!! What fun experiences. Once my guys are older, maybe we can try to do this too. (:

  7. Don't forget to add STL to that list of stadiums, make it a joint venture when you see the KC one. What a cool goal with the stadiums, we do the same but for hockey teams.

    Stopping by from Erin's link up :)

  8. I have to say Lambeau is number one in my books, but I'm of course a die-hard Packer fan! (My first game there was also a MNF game!) I have always wanted to go to Cincy though -- it looks beautiful!