Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday States: Illinois & Indiana

Growing up in Kentucky, meant Illinois and Indiana were our northern neighbors.  We have been on many trips to and through both states, but I'll focus on a few particular stand-out moments today.


State Nickname: The Prairie State

Year of Family Trip: 2003

Cities Visited: Springfield, Chicago

Can't Miss Tourist Attractions:

Abe Lincoln burial grounds

Skydeck at Sears Tower (now Willis Tower)

Eating deep dish pizza in Chicago

Museum of Science and Industry

A Chance Encounter

Ellis Foster played the role of a conductor at the exhibit on the Pioneer Zephyr: The Silver Streak at the Museum of Science and Industry on our 2003 trip.  We struck up a conversation with him after the presentation and discovered he had been in a number of movies - most notably, Hoodlum (as an undertaker).  He was such a pleasure to talk with as we wrapped up our day at the museum.  A few years later when we returned to Chicago in the winter for a Bulls-Cavs game, we had a chance encounter of a different kind with Fast Eddie.  Needless to say, we didn't spend near as much time chatting with him.

In September 2010, our family unit convened on Chicago once more when the three Heflin kids ran our first ever half marathon there.  Through chaffing, blisters, and excruciating heat, we all made it to the finish line!  The boys only wished Mom, Dad, and Jen had been waiting there with a box of Giordano's pizza instead of bottles of water!!


State Nickname: The Hoosier State

Year of Family Trip: 1993

Cities Visited: Reo, Evansville, Santa Claus, Indianapolis

Can't Miss Tourist Attraction:
Holiday World!!!

As a child, we spent every summer visiting Santa Claus Land (now Holiday World) to ride all the rides and play in the awesome water park.  The above photos are all of when McKinley was a wee little tot, but believe me when I say we were there a lot through the years.  There were school trips, church trips, family trips....Holiday World was the place to go!

As a teenager, we spent many a weekend at the mall in Evansville or gobbling up junk food at the drive-in in Reo.  Oh to go back to the days of crushes and homecoming dance dress shopping!!

As an adult, my work brought us all together in Indianapolis for the NFL National 7-on-7 Tournament.  When we weren't working or watching football, we tried to see bits and pieces of the city.  We even celebrated Landon's first birthday there that year!

Have you spent time in Illinois or Indiana?  
What is your favorite thing to do in either of these states?

Andrea :)

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