Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I love a good Broadway show. Grace did not disappoint!  Not only did it have an amazing cast - hello, Paul Rudd!! - but it was also a very unique and interesting story.

The show was a limited engagement so it isn't on Broadway any longer, but stop reading here if you think you might ever be able to see it!  The play began with a double murder suicide. Definitely didn't see that one coming!!  I thought the show was going to be about a fun loving couple that came into some money and decided to start a Bible themed hotel chain. That was what I gathered from the description online.  You can imagine my shock when things began as they did. I knew I was in for an interesting show. After the opening scene, the characters took you back in time a few months where the story played out eventually leading up to that eventful opening scene.  There were lots of interesting twists and turns. The play clearly showed grace in action through the perspective of the giver of that grace and the recipient of that grace. Unfortunately, this was taking place between the wife (Kate Arrington) and neighbor (Michael Shannon). Enter angry husband (Paul Rudd)...with a gun.  Ed Asner (the exterminator) provided both comic relief and compelling graciousness as well. Each character was very intriguing and left you wanting to know just a little bit more about their story.  Each actor was fabulous!  Chris and I both really enjoyed the show. Very well written and performed.

After the show, I like to stick around and try to meet the performers. To be honest, many of the high profile stars are whisked away before you can barely get a good look at them, but these four all stuck around and mingled with the crowd. Such nice people...especially since it was a rather cold November day!!

 My playbill with everyone's autograph! I was so excited that I was able to get them all!

Overall, Grace was thought provoking and intriguing with a touch of humor and very relatable characters. Great show!

Andrea :)

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  1. Wow! Sounds like a great show...I'd never heard of it before. Going to a live play is always such a treat, isn't it?