Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunday Stadium Review - Giants

New York Giants 
*I have attended games at two different stadiums for the Giants.*

Name of Stadium: Giants Stadium/The Meadowlands AND MetLife Stadium/The New Meadowlands
Capacity: 80,242 AND 82,566
Game Attended: At the old stadium, Jordan and I went to the last game of the 2007 season versus the Patriots when the Patriots went 16-0. At the new stadium, I watched the Giants play the Jaguars in 2010.
Worked a game at this stadium? No. seems the Broncos secondary couldn't get their act together so I am headed off to Providence for my second straight year of working an AFC Championship game between the Patriots and the Ravens.  Hoping for a different outcome this year.  Hoping for the AFC North to represent in the SB this year!! Also, hoping you won't notice I'm a day late on posting my Sunday Stadium Review.  A little thing called packing got in the way last night :)

However, since I'm off to the home of the Patriots this week, it is fitting that this week's stadium review brings to mind a certain memory of watching the Patriots cap off an undefeated regular season once upon a time.  My brother and I were there to watch it all go down in the history books.  That particular game, I was hoping for a Pats win.  And they succeeded with a 38-35 victory over the New York Giants. That was the only Giants game I attended at The Meadowlands.  (Plenty of Jets games though, but we'll get to those in a couple weeks.)

A little dark, but proof we were there :)

From the tip top of the Meadowlands stadium.
I remember two things about the game outside of the historic outcome. 

1 - We were at the VERY tip top of the stadium.  I'm talking about so far up in the nosebleeds that we could have jumped out of the stadium.  Not that we ever would have, but we could have.  Never been sitting quite close enough to touch the concrete wall that is in fact the top of the stadium before this game.  Pretty crazy!

2 - It was FREEZING!!  It was the last game of the season in the dead of winter in the top of the extremely windy stadium.  VERY cold!

The only other Giants game I attended was via my coaching friend a couple of seasons ago.  Of course, by that time, they had relocated to MetLife Stadium.  The Jaguars came to town and my mentor/friend was coaching special teams for them at the time.  He put a couple of tickets at will call for me. I had been to MetLife before for other events, but always in the lower bowl.  These tickets were in the upper part of the stadium.  It was a steep climb!  I was a little bit nervous when we got to our seats.  Just one wrong move and you were in for a MAJOR fall.  Let's just say I am not a fan of MetLife Stadium.  Been there quite a few times now and unless you are in the lower bowl, just stay at home.  It is not pleasant!

Coach Purnell in the middle of the special teams huddle!
MetLife is way too steep for my liking....

Andrea :)

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  1. I am hoping for a different outcome in the Ravens/Patriots game too!