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The Austin Family Diary
I have so many great memories!  SO many.  I'll try to whittle it down to six for you! 

*Due to my picture availability, I kept it to 2006 and beyond. I have many fun memories of my childhood - being upset when I found out my baby brother was going to be a brother instead of a sister, spending time listening to my Mamaw's stories, fun times with Us Four Girls at Buck Creek Baptist Church, Georgetown College Football, and OH SO MANY more.* 

Without further ado, six of my most recent memories. I think I have them in chronological order.

1. Spending the summer of 2006 "studying" sports management in London as a part of my master's program. This experience ranks right up there on the list of best decisions I ever made.  We had so much fun!  Not only was it my first international trip, but I didn't know a soul there when I landed.  By the time I left, I had made great friends and fun memories!  I was able to attend Wimbledon, the British Open, and the Tour de France.  I celebrated by 23rd birthday under the Eiffle Tower.  I visited Milan and Verona.  I had the time of my life.  I recommend traveling abroad in college to ANYONE that is able to do so.  You won't regret it!

With my flatmates Angela and Marissa
At Avenue Q with Brian and Melissa
2. I'll never forget the experience of working my 1st Super Bowl.  It was SB XLIV in South Florida in February 2010.  My brothers were able to come as my guests.  It was awesome to get to treat them to this grand event.  We had a lot of fun that weekend.  I don't think they'll ever forget it either.  Check out my post here about my experience working my first two Super Bowls.  Mom and Dad got to come the next year in North Texas.  And check out the post here about Christopher's first Super Bowl experience in Indianapolis last year.  Stay tuned for my post recapping all the New Orleans fun this year.  I've been here since Saturday and it is definitely a fun city for Super Bowl!  Can't wait for Christopher and Bubsa to get here tomorrow!!

Traditional Roman Numeral Pic
During the game I was able to meet up with them at their seats.
I am dead center of the photo.  Working pre-game with the Super Kid.
3. Meeting Christopher. We met the spring of 2010.  We have had so many adventures and fun times together in the past three years. You've read about a lot of them over the past year on the blog, but below are some pictures from the beginning.

Our first picture was at one's of Chris' friends wedding in July 2010.
US soccer friendly in August 2010
One of my favorite pics of us - checking out covered bridges in the fall of 2010.
Chris' first visit to Kentucky in December 2010.  We are at the state capitol building.
4. Our family accomplishing our goal of visiting all 50 states together!!  We have made hundreds of memories on these trips.  I hope to highlight these trips on the blog soon, but the last two we visited were Hawaii (in January 2010) and Alaska (in August 2010).  Couldn't ask for a better family!!

We finally made it to all 50 states!! YAY!!!
5. Completing my first half marathon with my brothers in September 2010.  I recently posted about this experience so check it out here if you haven't already.
So proud of us :)
6. I don't think I have ever been so excited to meet someone in my whole entire life.  Holding Brinley for the 1st time will have a special place in my heart forever.  Check out these posts for my reflections on these moments at the time - when she was born, meeting her for the first time a couple weeks later, and the rest of that fun Memorial Day weekend.

The first time I held her in my arms.  She is perfect!!
More recent picture of my beautiful little crawling niece :)

What are some of your favorite memories??

Andrea :)


  1. You've done some interesting things. :)

  2. Good for you for visiting ALL 50 states! That's amazing!

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  3. Your niece is adorable and I love that you have been to all 50 states! So cool! Plus I love football and am so jealous of your job! Totally awesome!!!!