Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Stadium Review - Packers

Green Bay Packers 

Name of Stadium: Lambeau Field
Capacity: 73,094
Game Attended: Worked PPK at MNF versus the Ravens (my brother Jordan attended the game as well); then I worked PPK in Green Bay for the next two years
Worked a game at this stadium? Yes, PPK.

After watching the Packers dominate their playoff game last night, I knew it was time to review my favorite football stadium to date - Lambeau Field!  This place is truly special!  I think every football fan should attend a game there at some point in their lifetime.  Yes, it is THAT special!

The crowd all decked out in green and yellow!
I've only ever been to a game at Lambeau in a working function, but since the actual work part of my job was always finished by the end of the 1st quarter, I have been able to experience the fun and excitement of the bleachers of Green Bay!  Mostly in my first time there for a Monday Night Football game against the Baltimore Ravens.  To make it even more exciting my brother came up for the game as well!

On the field pre-game just before my PPK exhibition!
First of all, it is COLD...really cold!  But that is all part of the experience.  Honestly, it is part of what makes it so special, too!  Don't get me wrong, I love a good dome, but sometimes the outdoor experience brings out the character of the area.  And nowhere more than in Green Bay!

From the suite area...good all around view of stadium!

I started off my MNF experience with an ESPN Chalk Talk.  This was a pretty neat opportunity! I listened to ESPN broadcasters and former Packers discuss their experiences at Lambeau and what it meant to them.  Definitely a great way to start things off!

Steve Young, Ron Jaworski, and Suzy Kolber kicking off the event.
After the PPK competition and exhibition, which included walking through the tunnel and onto the field - both such legendary opportunities, I met up with my brother at his seat.  One unique thing about the seating at Green Bay is that much of the stadium contains bleacher seating.  The seats are numbered, but everyone is just kind of smushed in there together...especially with all those layers on!! 
Taken at the end of the game, but good view of the bleacher seating system.
There wasn't any room in Jordan's section so I found an open spot a level or two up from his lower bowl seat.  The experience is difficult to put into words - it was electric and inspiring to be a part of the crowd.  I spent most of the time just trying to soak in the experience.  Jordan and I did meet for hot chocolate during halftime and he came up to my less full section toward the middle of the 4th quarter.  We both had the time of our life.  Lots of fun!

From the section where I sat for most of the game.
Taken at the end of the game closer to Jordan's seat.
The only other tidbit to remember about Green Bay is that it is a small town so restaurants aren't open late and hotels must be booked months in advance when big events come to town.  I booked my hotel for a December trip in August!  And we couldn't find anywhere in a 20 mile radius open around midnight for a late snack after the game!  Also, if you are flying, be prepared for a delay.  I don't think my flight has ever left there on time.  Outside of these minor factors, the experience is amazing! 

Now that the Bengals have been eliminated, I'm not sure who I'd like to see in the Big Game this year.  Who are you hoping plays in Super Bowl XLVII?

Andrea :)


  1. Awe, how fun! looks like a great time :) We watched last night from the living room... maybe someday some tickets.

    xo, Jenna

  2. I could go for a ravens vs 49ers. Or maybe a broncos vs falcons. I think those would be the best matchups. I will be happy as long as one team doesn't make it!

  3. I've never been to Lambeau but it is on my bucket list for sure! Thanks for stopping by.