Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sing Me A Song

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I love music!  Both of my parents are musical people.  My mom played the flute in her HS band while my dad played the saxophone.  Dad has also played the piano at the church I grew up in since he was a kid himself.  Ironically, neither me nor my brothers found our passion in music...though we did all give it a fair shot!  I played trumpet for six weeks in middle school.  I did not like it at all!  I also took piano lessons for a time from an elderly neighbor lady.  I liked it better, but I hated the lessons and practicing...so eventually that fell by the wayside.  I regret not being able to play the piano now, but it would be a pretty expensive hobby to take up in the middle of Manhattan...not exactly sure maneuvering a piano up the five flights of stairs to my tiny little box apartment would work out so well! Anyway, all that to say, music is something that I have always loved!  Lots of songs bring back wonderful memories for me!  Here are the five that I'm thinking of today...

The first two are from my high school days....

1 - Goodbye Earl by The Dixie Chicks

Me and my three closest girlfriends growing up had a slumber party once upon a time...and we made a music video to this song.  It was hilarious!  And I soooo wish I had a copy of it today!

2 - Arise My Love by NewSong

This one we did as a special at church many times throughout my youth.  I helped create an interpretive movement that we did with white gloves and black lights.  I always got chills when we preformed it!

Next, is one from my college days...

3 - These Are Days by 10,000 Maniacs

This is one of the songs we sang during rush in my sorority every year at college.  To this day, I still think about that circle of ladies when I hear this song randomly playing every now and again.

The last two are from just a couple years ago...

4 - Lady (You Bring Me Up) by The Commodores

Chris told me this song made him think of me toward the beginning of our relationship.  I really liked that...so much so that I printed out the lyrics and hung them up at work!

5 - If It's Love by Train

Also, during some of our earlier dating days, Chris and I would go back and forth joking about this song.  It always seemed to come on when we were together so I started teasing Chris that it was our song.  (PS - It totally isn't!)  I even brought a Train CD along on one of our first road trips to a wedding and kept playing it over and over.  Even though the lyrics don't really hold much of a special meaning to us, the song itself does bring back some fun memories of good times with Chris!

What song brings up old memories for you?

Andrea :)


  1. Now I have Arise stuck in my head. Saw them in concert in high school (and again about 2o years later). What a timeless song!

  2. I love Goodbye Earl! I wish I played an instrument. I did choir but I was no good. My husband was in band in high school. He played the flute. I asked him why he chose the flute since it seemed like all the girls played flute and no guys. He said first off, it was light and he didn't have to carry something like a tuba everywhere. And second that was where all the ladies were at! Haha funny guy! Sorry for that long side note story!

  3. These are the Days is an amazing song - such good memories of high school & college!