Monday, June 24, 2013

30 before 30 - Month Eleven Recap

write letter to family or friend

This month I sent a card to Christopher.  We had a stretch of about three weeks where we weren't able to see one another due to work trips and some other pre-scheduled events on weekends.  Those stretches are always particularly difficult so I sent him a card while I was away on my business trip this past weekend just to let him know that I missed him.  We are looking forward to these long distance days coming to an end soon, but in the meantime I like to remind him of how much I love him and appreciate him even though I'm not able to see him everyday!

3 monthly goals

1) Layout the Year 3 Scrapbook.
Done.  It is all ready to be put together now.  Who knows when I'll have a chance to start doing that, but at least I have it all ready when the time comes!

2) Book travel for London/Bulgaria trip.
Done.  Sorta.  We have the Bulgaria part booked.  We are still working on finalizing the dates from NYC to England, but that should be happening in the next week :)

3) Set the plans for my 30th Birthday celebration.
Done.  SOOOOO super excited about this adventure!  I'll keep a secret for now, but I'll just say the tickets are officially reserved!  Looking forward to the celebration in just ONE more short month!!

facetimes with Brinley

We had a fun facetime in late May where I was able to see Brinley climb up on the couch for the first time!  She is getting into everything these days!  She sure keeps her parents busy!!  I just love watching her play with her toys.  She is super quick now.  She was too cute toward the end of the call when she just crawled over to her bedroom door and started to wimper.  Guess she was ready for bed!

I was also able to facetime with Brinley toward the middle of June.  She was on the move!! She is walking everywhere now.  Jordan can barely keep her in the screen sometimes!  It was fun to see her so active.  Toward the end of the call she started playing with her laundry.  She was too funny holding things up under her chin and trying to pull them over her head.  She is a cutie!  Looking forward to seeing her next month when we visit right after her little brother arrives!  Can't wait!! 

Date Night

Chris and I managed to work in a date night at the very beginning of June. We went to see Colin Quinn in his performance of Unconstitutional at a small theater in Greenwich Village which we followed up with a nice Italian dinner.  So fun!

Girls' Night

Unfortunately, this just did not happen for June.  Total bummer, but we were all in and out of town and just busy with all the craziness that summer brings in NYC.  Hopefully, we'll work it out for next the very least we'll hopefully get together to celebrate my upcoming milestone birthday :)

I marked 7 items off the list!!

3 - complete Year 2 (done March 2013) and Year 3 scrapbooks (layout done June 2013)
*As mentioned above, Year 3 is not fully complete...but at least half of the battle is laying out each page so it's getting marked off the list!

6 - go to (at least) 6 broadway shows: 1) War Horse (July 2012) 2) Grace (Nov 2012) 3) Annie (March 2013) 4) Lucky Guy (April 2013) 5) The Call (May 2013) 6) Cinderella (June 2013)

8 - visit England with Chris (might happen in the fall, but at least have reservations by July)
* mentioned above, the trip is essentially booked.  We have flights from England to Bulgaria...and obviously, we will be going to England to catch those flights :)

15 - visit friends in Chicago
*Plane tickets booked for 4th of July weekend!  Pumped!!

16 - visit friends in DC
*Headed there on Friday.  Can't wait to tell you all about the fun we had next week!!

17 - plan a really interesting/exciting/fun way to celebrate turning 30
*As mentioned above, the celebration is certainly interesting, exciting, and fun...I'll also add unique and well recieved by my friends to the list as well!

26 - explore (at least) 6 new places/areas in NYC - 1) West 4th Street area 2) downtown courthouse area 3) Williamsburg (Brooklyn Brewery) 4) Dumbo (Smorgasburg) 5) Brooklyn Botanical Garden 6) Greenwich Village (Barrow Street Theater)

I feel safe in saying there was some real progress made on the 30 before 30 list this month!  There are a few more items in the final stages, too.  I anticipate getting those knocked out before my birthday next month! 

The final countdown is ON. 

Andrea :)

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  1. Looks like you are making a lot of progress and will meet most of your goals! That is awesome! Also, can't wait to hear about all of your upcoming trips! They sound exciting!