Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Call

Chris and I went to see The Call over Memorial Day weekend.  It was at a small theater on the western edge of Times Square.  I liked the intimate atmosphere.  It was different from what we are used to on broadway, but still every bit as good.  We both really liked the show!   

The show featured the relationship dynamics of two couples - one married white male and female that had recently decided to adopt and one black lesbian couple.  They had been friends for many years, but when the white couple decides to adopt an African child points of view shift and opinions are freely made known.  Also, a friendly, but slightly nosy neighbor enters the scene.  He is African.

The content was heavy, but very well written and acted.  It was enjoyable even though some of the subject matter was very deep.  There was talk of infertility, gay/lesbian issues, adoption, interracial adoption, adoption of a small child versus a baby, AIDS, third world poverty.  It got intense!  Voices were raised, fights were had, and eventually peace was made.  It definitely focused on a lot of very tough and often times controversial situations.  But it did make you think.  And that is good.

I would definitely recommend this show to others.  It was a limited engagement show in NYC, but if you ever see it advertised locally I would buy a ticket.  Very thought provoking stuff!

Does the theater ever provide you with something to think about?

Andrea :)

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