Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Not For Long

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Seven things about my job.  Hmmmm.  Not sure if these should be fun things or annoying things or just plain ole general things, but nonetheless here are seven things about my job at the National Football League.

1 - I travel often for my job.  I've been to most of the NFL stadiums and even a handful of cities that don't even have NFL teams as a result of my (almost) six years at the League.  They even sent me to Seville, Spain, for a meeting once!  Feel free to check out the first item on my bucket list for recaps of all the stadium I have attended so far.  I have a goal to see each team play at their home stadium at least once...there are only 11 stadiums left on my list!

2 - It is on the rarest of occasions that I see a current player at my office.  I think a lot of people are confused about our office environment.  It's basically like yours plus a bunch of cool stuff that sits around like the Lombardi trophy and all the Super Bowl rings.

3 - Speaking of Super Bowls...yes, I have worked four now.  Here are my recaps - XLIV in South Florida and XLV in North Texas, XLVI in Indy, and XLVII in NOLA....which brings me back to #1.

4 - Specifically, I work on our High School Player Development programs - a mix of character development and football fundamentals provided free of charge to high school students all across the country.  You can check out our website here.

5 - The hours are long and the pay is minimal, but most strangers think somehow your job is SO much better than theirs....particularly if they are a sports fan. They want to know ALL about it.  This gets very old.  Trust me, it's just a job.  No one gives us a halftime rally speech or pours Gatorade over our head when we meet a deadline or does a super fun dance when a deal is finally made.  I promise.

6 - I do work just down the hall from a handful of pretty impressive former NFL Alumni - Merton Hanks (yes, I have seen his famous chicken dance in person), Troy Vincent, David Tyree (remember that amazing catch against his helmet in the first Patriots/Giants SB?), and Art Shell to name a few.  I haven't personally met David yet, but the rest of them are fabulous men!

7 - The NFL could start a side venture giving tours of our office.  I'm 100% certain people would pay for the opportunity.  I know I've given my fair share of tours to visiting family and friends.  I suppose it is a pretty impressive place if you aren't used to being there 40+ hours a week...every week.

Have I sold you on a job with the Not For Long League yet?

Andrea :)


  1. My husband would LOVE your job. :)

  2. That's funny, for as long as I've been reading your blog, I didn't realize you worked for the NFL. I guess that makes sense considering you're always visiting various stadiums lol. Duh! What an awesome job!

    P.S. I finally got around to posting my thoughts on the cheerios commercial backlash if you wanted to give it a read http://www.beingreese.com/2013/06/on-cheerios-commercial-fallout.html


  3. Haha-- I bet you do get a lot of excited people when you tell them you work for the NFL. But, just as with anything, you get used to it. At least you get to travel and watch some football on someone else's dime! :)

  4. I have always wanted to see the league offices! :) Are you in Bristol, CT? Or NY? I'm sure I should know this- but I don't!! Did they ever do something with a bunch of season ticket sheets, I heard they were going to be hanging them up in some type of collage? If so- my work will be hanging up and THAT makes me want to visit more than anything!! :)

  5. Not to sound like a broken record.. but your job does sound pretty awesome. I could see how you could get tired of people wanting to hear about it.. but working for the NFL sounds awesome! Ha ha! I would definitely want a tour of your office!! How did you get into working for the NFL? If you don't mind me asking ;D
    7 Things About My Job

  6. Psh yeah I would take a tour! I just love NFL!!