Friday, July 31, 2015

A Summer Wedding in Chicago

They say there's nothing better than Chicago in the summer.  And I must admit, it is pretty nice!

We kicked off our weekend there at Meli's for brunch with Tarra and Evan.  They were so gracious to agree to host us for the wedding weekend...and we had SUCH a blast with them! That afternoon, we just relaxed and rested up for the wedding fun!  We had our first experience with Uber arriving at the venue in plenty of time for the beautiful ceremony with an aisle full of a gorgeous array of flowers. 

We had tons of fun laughing and dancing and catching up with everyone.  Dinner was delicious and we barely left the dance floor once it opened up!  The highlight of the night was having all the "Old Girlfriends" guys dancing together.  It was chorus line number...and quite possibly the most awesome thing I ever witnessed!!

It's hard to believe there is only one of us left as a single lady!  We sure made quick work of this past year!  Looking forward to the last old girlfriend getting hitched just after Chris and I celebrate our one year anniversary!  October will be here in a flash!  So excited!

We slept in on Sunday before venturing out for an afternoon at Taste of River North.  While I was surprised they charged admission ($5) to the event, it was well run and lots of fun.  They sell tickets that equate to dollar amounts so you spend those instead of money to buy all the yummy food and drinks.  Chris had a prime rib slider and we shared some cheese curds - so good!  And I had mint chocolate chip ice cream to balance out the heat as we listened to the music and took in the scene.

And then we were off to the airport!  We're down to only three weddings left for 2015!

Andrea :)


  1. What fun! How did you like Uber? My husband and I really like using it!

  2. A tremendous wedding ceremony! It was my pleasure watching all these shots of their wedding. My niece also got married last month at one of Chicago wedding venues. She had a true-blue royal ceremony.