Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to Football

We're Back to Football...and I couldn't be happier!!  I absolutely love football season.  Such excitement, such hope, such agony....such FUN!!

Last week, I kicked things off by participating in the inaugural Back to Football run.  It was a 4-mile race in Central Park via NYRR.  The race began at 7:30pm - my first ever evening race.  Considering I am not the slightest bit a morning person, I wasn't too surprised that I really liked it.  Early bird, schmerly bird, right?  Anyway, since I didn't feel super prepared, I was happy to finish and didn't really think too much about my time.  I'll worry myself about that for Race #9 in a couple of weeks when I am shooting to be under 11 minutes for that 1-mile race.

pre-race....ready to go!
post-race - check out my sweaty t-shirt :)

Today, I will be working the Kickoff game between the NY Giants and Dallas Cowboys in our officiating command center.  We have a mandatory training for all game monitors.  Monitoring games each week is something I always enjoy.  Monitors are each assigned one game to carefully watch noting all penalties, challenges, major violations, unusual plays, on-field helmet removals, and even commercial breaks.  It is very intense and can be a quite challenging task, but it is always different and usually very interesting.  I typically work the Monday night games throughout the season so my first attempt of the year will be the Bengals-Ravens MNF game next week.  Super pumped! 

Hope you are enjoying being Back to Football as much as I am!!  Happy NFL Kickoff to all!!
Andrea :)


  1. What an awesome job you have! :) I was bummed that the Giants lost, but definitely excited about the regular season starting!

    Hope you have a great weekend, Andrea!

  2. Thanks :) Hope yours is great, too!