Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Stadium Review - Vikings

 Minnesota Vikings 

Name of Stadium: Metrodome
Capacity: 64,111
Game Attended: Monday Night Football versus the Bears in 2007 - this was my first work related trip for the NFL - my boss and I went to Minneapolis for a meeting and stayed for the game
Worked a game at this stadium? No.

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A lot of things have changed for the Vikings in terms of their stadium since I attended a game there back in 2007.  Mainly, the roof of the stadium collapsed during an ice storm leading to the building of a new stadium that is currently in the works.  Since the trip to this stadium was technically my first work trip, it is kind of a blur.  I remember that we did spend some time on the sidelines pre-game and meet some members of the ownership, and we had great seats in the endzone.  I was also beyond thankful that we were nice and cozy inside the dome because it gets bitter cold in Minneapolis!  Also thankful they have an indoor above ground tunnel system in their downtown area much like Indianapolis.  I remember the crowd being pretty intense throughout much of the game.  It could get pretty loud in there!  They do have pretty interesting mascot situation.  There were multiple mascots - one in a costume and some people dressed up as Vikings like it was Halloween.  Those "live" Vikings blew a horn at various points in the game. Overall, the experience was positive.  I would like to attend a game with Jordan or Chris once the new stadium is built...whenever that might be!

Thought this was an interesting way for the team to enter the field...through a Viking ship!
From up near the press box area of the stadium
 Andrea :)

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  1. I can't wait to make a trip up to see the Vikings play either.