Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pitt and USC?

What do those two college football teams have in common you might ask?   Well, I'll happily tell you...I've watched them both play in person since the start of the season.  Not so sure I've found a way to spend my Saturdays this season quite yet, but both games proved to be nothing less than exciting and fun - one for the camaraderie and one for the action on the field!!

Chris and his college buddies have a tradition of going to a Pitt football game each season.  The past three years that I have attended, the game itself has been a far cry from happy for this group though.  We'll just chalk it up to rebuilding...or something of that nature.  However, it is ALWAYS a great time catching up with everyone and enjoying a fun weekend.  Here are some pics from this year's game.

Finally making use of the Pitt shirt I bought last year :)

Had to throw this adorable one in there - Chris and his godson, Trey!
The following weekend, we unexpectedly came across tickets for the USC-Syracuse game that was being played at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.  A friend of mine offered the tickets, and we gladly accepted.  It turned out to be a crazy day.  First, there was about as close to a stampede as I've ever experience as fans made their way onto one of the later trains from Penn Station to the stadium.  After narrowly escaping death on the journey to the stadium, we arrived just after kickoff.  It was a gorgeous day, but rain was in the forecast. 

Syracuse looking to make a play!
USC on offense...

At the half, I headed up to the concourse for some relief from the sun...and an Italian ice :)   It would have been a shame for my pale self to get burnt just as we headed into fall.  I'm afraid that would not be a good look.  As I returned to our seats at the end of the half, much to my surprise we heard an announcement that kickoff to the second half would be delayed and all spectators should take cover in the concourse area.  As it turns out, the rain (and possibly a tornado...what?!?!) made an appearance....for roughly an hour.  But, we stuck it out and finally the game resumed.  We were glad we did because it turned out to be an exciting second half. 

Second half kickoff - finally!!  Picture taken via Instagram - You should follow me: alhadventures
Needless to say, I won't be spending this Saturday watching any college football.  I must admit that it was fun to experience the excitement of it all in person these past couple of weeks though.  But from here on out, I'll be focused on Sundays (and Mondays...and Thursdays)...geez, the NFL is taking over, huh?

Andrea :)

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