Wednesday, April 17, 2013

3 years

It's hard to believe that three years have past since we sat across the table from one another at Brother Jimmy's in Murray Hill.  Since we went to grab Pinkberry even though it wasn't quite warm enough yet. (Proof that from the start Chris has been a trooper when it comes to my sweet tooth!)  Since we sat on the front row of that Kips Bay AMC theater to watch Date Night. 

It really is hard to believe how quickly the time has passed.

Today, Chris and I are celebrating three years together.  Together, but apart.  As most of you know, our entire relationship has been long distance. It hasn't always been easy, but we've made it through the rough times...together.  And those rough times have made the good times even better.  And I'm happy to have found such a patient, kind, and loving man. We'll be celebrating this weekend, but lucky me got a fun treat at work today as well. 

Two for each of our fabulous three years together :)
He knows me well!!  I was pumped!  They are even from a bakery - Billy's Bakery - that I didn't know existed so it's a major win.  I get cupcakes today...and tomorrow...and counted six in there, too, right? :) And now I know of yet another nearby bakery when I need a cupcake fix down the road.

Thank you, Christopher, for making me a better person.  For helping me and for challenging me.  For putting up with me in my not so gracious moments and for apologizing when you have those moments of your own.  For encouraging and supporting me.  For loving me for me.  For taking pictures with me even though you hate it.  For making me feel special.  For listening to and remembering the things I tell you.  For so many lovely moments over the past three years.  And most of all, for being you! 

Thanks for making me your top priority these past three years!  I look forward to spending many more with you!  I love you!

Andrea :)


  1. This is sooo sweet! Congrats you two! Here's to another 3...and more!


  2. Happy Anniversary! One of my favorite quotes is "don't pick the better man, pick the man who makes you a better woman".