Wednesday, April 24, 2013

30 before 30 - Month Nine Recap

write letter to family or friend

This month I sent a letter to my BIG, Hayley.  It is hard to believe we have known one another for over 10 years now!  Crazy!  I joined Phi Mu in the spring of my freshman year at Georgetown College.  It wasn't too long after that when Hayley was revealed as my BIG!  I was so happy!!  Even though we don't see one another too often since I am in NY and she is back home in KY, she is one of my favorite people.  Always so uplifting and cheerful!  The last time I saw her (just before Christmas this past year) she was expecting the arrival of her precious little baby boy in just a few short weeks.  I haven't been able to meet him yet, but hopefully I will be able to do so next time I am home!

3 monthly goals

1) Write down my goals and develop my training plan for conquering the NYC Marathon.
This sort of happened.  I haven't written out or determined my entire plan just yet, but this goal really forced me to think about it.  I am going to begin diligently tracking my exercise and eating habits starting on May 1 (roughly 6 months prior to the race).  I also signed up for a 4 mile race that takes place this Sunday and a half marathon the first weekend in August.  My plan is to train toward being in peak condition for the half and then maintaining that condition and building off that momentum through the following three months leading up to the marathon.  More firm details/plans to come!

2) Start our couple's study.
We started The Five Love Languages study last weekend.  I am really looking forward to what we will learn about ourselves and each other.

3) Layout all the pages for the Year 3 scrapbook.
This did not happen.  Though I did print out all the pictures I need for the project.  I'll try to get to this in the next few weeks.

facetimes with Brinley

Chris and I were both able to facetime with Brinley on her 11 month birthday.  It was a lot of fun to be a part of the celebration.  We got to sing to her and watch her demolish a muffin "cupcake".  She seems like she is all set for the real thing next month!

Brinley is sporting a cute little dress I sent her.  Love her so much!!

Brinley and I had a really fun and interactive facetime on April 9th.  She was all smiles and giggles.  She was showing me how she "scared" people.  Basically just raising her arms up and squealing, but so very precious!  Jordan also showed me how she could perform in a wheelbarrow race.  She'd definitely beat me!  She was having a blast playing with her toys and then running over to check me out.  We played peek-a-boo for a little while.  She also loved it went I made funny faces. She is getting to be such a big girl.  I absolutely can't hardly wait until next week when I get to see her in person again...FINALLY!!

Date Night

Chris and I were actually able to spend a lot of time together this month.  We had a date night in where I tried a new recipe and we caught up on some of our DVRed shows.  The next week we had a date night out on the town when we went to see Lucky Guy on broadway.  If you missed that recap, you can check it out here.  And finally, we celebrated our anniversary by spending some quality time together this past weekend...which you can read about here.

Girls' Night

I missed the real girls night this month due to a work trip.  Boo :(  I did have a fun time with the girls at Amanda's birthday celebration a couple weekends ago though.  We are all set for a girls night next week though so I know I won't be missing out this next month!  Yay!

I (sorta) marked 1 item off the list!!
 19 - give Brinley a unique 1st birthday gift
*I haven't technically given it to her yet, but I will be doing so next week!  So excited!*

 Andrea :)

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  1. I would love to do the paint your own pottery place, sounds like it would be fun! Yay for girls night - I get to have one in May for my cousins wedding, just my sister in law and I are going.

    Happy Anniversary! Brinley is adorable, especially in the daffodils!