Friday, February 26, 2016

Hail to Christopher!!

Today is a special day!  A great day!  The day my wonderful husband throws his [Pitt] hat into the Presidential Race.  Well...some of that is true.  Today is his 35th Birthday.  And while I don't foresee us packing our bags for the White House anytime soon...he's technically eligible.  The way things are looking these days - he's also likely the best choice.

 Let's take a look at ten solid reasons why...
1 - He's been a fighter since Day One.  Literally.  Not a man that gives up easily.

2 - He's honest and fair.  Unfortunately, not everyone values these characteristics as much as they should.

3 - He's got a sense of humor that's hard to deny.  Quick wit intact. 

4 - He's charismatic.  People are just drawn to him.  He's likable, fun, and easy to be around.

5 - He has a fantastic speech-making voice.  People listen.  Babies are fascinated.  And he even sings from time to time.

6 - He likes to help others.  He wants everyone to have an equal opportunity - a chance.  He tries to make the world a better place - one day at a time.

7 - He is consistent.  You can count on him - always.

8 - He's devoted.  His word is his bond.  He doesn't make promises lightly.  He takes his commitments seriously.

9 - He's never met a stranger.  He finds a way to connect with others - despite the generations between them, the color of their skin, or their life circumstances.  He can talk to anyone about anything.

10 - He's resourceful.  A clever man that always finds a way.

Happy 35th Birthday to the love of my life! 
Can't wait to celebrate all weekend long!

Andrea :)


  1. Aw yay, happy birthday, Christopher! You have my vote. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Chris, hope you have an amazing day!

  3. I'd vote for him! Happy Birthday to Christopher!