Saturday, February 6, 2016

Our January Date Nights

One of our goals as a couple this year is to have at least two dedicated date nights each month. We had no problem accomplishing that feat in January!  One fabulous date night we'd had on our books for months - the phenomenal Broadway performance of Hamilton!  A couple others were tied to Christmas gifts - a trek to Brooklyn for a visit at the New York Transit Museum (recap coming this week!) and a night at the theater to check out Misery.  And we saw an absurd amount of movies on my mission to watch the Oscar nominees. However, we did manage to find two additional nights to work in our special monthly dates for January.

I selected another show, but in a much smaller and more intimate setting.  The play was an adapted version of Mitch Albom's Tuesdays with Morrie...and we really enjoyed it!  A simple one-act two-man show, but a very moving story that left a deep impression much like the book did for me so many years ago.  We were on the front row of a roughly 60 person theater in the Village, but the experience was a welcome change.

Chris decided we would spend some time with the King in Brooklyn on the date night he selected.  Which King you might ask?  King James.  And what a spectacular show he put on with his teammates at the Barclay Center that evening.  We enjoyed Nathan's hot dogs and saw multiple dunks from our nosebleed seats.  Most importantly, we had a fun time together!

Did you enjoy any fun dates in January?

Andrea :)

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  1. No date nights in January, but we have a wedding this month. Grandma & Grandpa are taking the kidlette for the whole weekend!