Saturday, February 9, 2013

NYC Restaurant Week

I was so excited when my friend Emily suggested we try out restaurant week.  We, along with another friend, Bukola, gave Maloney & Porcelli a shot on Thursday night.  It was great to catch up with them.  The food was amazing, too!!

To begin, they brought out these amazing pretzel bread sticks.  They were so good!  Emily liked the mustard-like dipping spread more than I did, but I did give it a try.  I'm just not a mustard fan.  The pretzel bread was addicting though!

For the appetizer, there was a choice of salad or soup.  Bukola and I chose the split pea soup with bacon.  I hadn't ever tried split pea soup so I wasn't too surprised that I didn't love it, but Bukola didn't give it wild reviews either.  She thought it seems a little more runny than normal.  To be honest, the picture doesn't really make it look very appealing either.  Never fear though...the next two courses more than made up for the disappointing soup.

We each ordered the 10oz filet mignon for our main course.  It was delicious!!  We decided to get a side of whipped potatoes as well.  We thought it was a little odd that the menu did not include a choice of side dishes, but I guess they figured they were giving us enough of a deal already!  The potatoes were a perfect match for the scrumptious steak!

Even though we were super stuffed at this point, the deal included dessert and there was no way we were turning it down once it arrived.  Bukola had the chocolate ice box cake while Emily and I both had the warm apple and plum tart with a small scoop of vanilla  ice cream.  Bukola enjoyed the chocolate cake, but the bite I tried made me happy that I went for the tart.  I think the mix of sweetness and tartness along with the dessert being warm really won me over to the tart I devoured.  It was fantastic!  Emily agreed.

In the end, you really can't lose with Restaurant Week.  We each paid $38 plus tax and tip for a meal that would have cost $72 plus tax and tip.  Not quite half price, but pretty close!  Either way, it was definitely worth it in my book! 

Have you ever participated in Restaurant Week?

Andrea :)

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