Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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I have posted random facts about me lots of times on my blog so I decided to do something a little different to share four things you didn't know about me with you.  And if you are just dying for more things, check out my about me tab, my ABC's of Me post, or the post where I was nominated for the Liebster Award.

Recently, Brianna (check out her blog here) also nominated me for the Liebster Award.  Since I had already been nominated before, I decided I would just answer four of her questions today to hopefully share four new things you didn't know about me.  Here we go...

1. What song/movie inspires you?
My favorite actor of all time is Denzel Washington. Since I am a huge Denzel fan, it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that a movie that not only inspires me, but that I could also watch on repeat until the end of time is a Denzel movie.  Also knowing my love for football, you might have guessed that movie is Remember the Titans.  This movie holds such a special place in my heart.  Not only does it show the power and significance of the game of football, but it also marks a significant beginning of change in our country.  When this movie was released in 2000 (man, that makes me feel old), I was still in high school.  I knew as many people of a different race as I could count on one hand.  Not by choice, just by circumstance.  I grew up in a very rural farming community where mostly pretty much only white people lived.  I won't speak for everyone in that community, but I was raised to treat all people equally and so the movie really inspired me.  I honestly couldn't comprehend how people at T.C. Williams High School in suburban Virginia could be so selfish and hateful.  As I grew up and went to college (where I experienced more diversity, but not much), the movie always stayed with me.  As I grew up even more and moved to NYC, this DVD was one of the first items I asked my parents to send me.  I just think I could identify with so many elements of the movie - not only the racial stuff, but the football stuff, too. Obviously, being in an interracial relationship now brings a whole new level of insight into the movie and just how critical that time period was in order for me to live my life today.  Chris and I have talked many times about how unimaginable it is for us to think that just a few years ago not only would it have not been socially unacceptable for us to date one another, but it would have been down right dangerous. Not to mention that we would not have even been able to eat at the same restaurant or drink out of the same water fountain.  I thank God that times have changed and they continue to change.  Thankfully, there were people like Coach Boone who were able to show people like Julius and Gerry that more can be done by working together than tearing one another apart.

4. What is one of your worst fears that you've been able to overcome?
I think the one fear that I have been able to overcome is the fear of being alone.  I used to always need to have someone with me to do anything. In fact, it was just last year that I attended a movie by myself (you read about that experience here).  I'm not sure the exact root of my fear, but I just hated being alone.  Now, I relish the times I have to myself.  The times that I don't have to be energized and engage in conversation are the best.  Some of my favorite times are spend just relaxing by myself now.  Guess I better enjoy those moments while I can cause I know there will come a day when those moments will be few and far between.

6. When you have a few spare hours in your day, however occasional it may be, what do you find yourself doing? 
There are a handful of things that I do when I have spare time.  One of them is catching up on reading blogs.  Another is catching up on the TV shows I DVRed.  I also use those spare hours to call friends back home.  And one of my favorite things to do when I have some spare time is scrapbook.

8. What is one random thing that you cannot live without? 
I would say my camera.  I take it everywhere with me.  I wish I knew how to use it more properly.  I also wish I had a better one altogether.  But, in the end, I bring it everywhere.  I've even run 10k races dragging it along with me.  Guess you'd say that qualifies as pretty attached, right?

I hope you learned some things you didn't know about me before.  If not, check those links at the top.  I promise those contain some interesting facts.

Andrea :)

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