Thursday, December 26, 2013

700 Sundays

My dad was actually the first to mention to me that Billy Crystal was going to be on Broadway this winter.  I remember my dad and I watching him perform his wonderful little song and dance routines time and again as host of the Oscars.  I also randomly picked up his book titled 700 Sundays a few years ago and gave it a quick read.  I laughed, I cried, and I knew it wouldn't be a show I'd want to miss.

Fortunately, the show opened the week I ran the NYC Marathon so mom and dad were in town.  Chris and I joined them to watch Billy's one-man show on opening night!  That was something none of us had ever experienced before...and so was the show!  We all loved it!  The show is hard to describe because it's serious, but it's's sad, but it makes you's about youth and it's about aging.  It's truly a little bit of everything.  And Billy Crystal is phenomenal. 

He's also one of the nicest celebrities out there.  On a random November night, I happened to pass by the back entrance to the theater just as a crowd was gathering to get autographs.  I was on my way home from the laundromat, but the security guard said he'd be another 30 minutes so I ran home and grabbed my playbill.  He not only signed it, but graciously posed for a picture with me.  I wasn't quite dressed for the occasion, but it was fun to meet him.  He was a very genuine man.  After this initial meeting, my wheels began to turn regarding a great Christmas gift for my parents.  I managed to keep quiet mentioning that I had met him which was by far the most difficult of the tasks at hand.  I also ordered a copy of his book and plotted a time to return to collect his autograph on it for my parents.  It was a much colder December night when I ventured over this time, but he was more than willing to sign for me.  After a brief conversation with me, he actually offered to personalized the autograph for them.  He's definitely one of a kind...and I hope to see him back as host of the Oscars soon!!

Andrea :)

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  1. Sounds like an awesome show! I'm glad you were able to go enjoy it! :-)